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     Miss Kitty's niece Kaysee is a budding artist in the kitchen.  In fact, when she's home from college, she caters with Miss Kitty.  Stop on this page from time to time read a message from Kaysee or find a simple, low-cost recipe for college cuisine, her current specialty.  And check back on the What's Cooking? page to see a special Thanksgiving "Cooking with Kitty" College Cuisine snippet from Kaysee herself!


The best part of cooking is knowing that you made something other people can enjoy with you!  ~Kaysee



Grilled cheese is fast, cheap, and simple to make.  Here's a tip for the next time you're at the grocery store and you want to perk up this old stand-by snack.  Instead of American cheese, grab a pack of sliced provolone or colby jack.  Provolone is delicious and melts great, and colby jack is full of flavor!  Place a rebel slice of either between two slices of white whole grain bread, sprinkle on some pepper for kick, melt a little margarine or spray some non-stick spray into the pan, grill on both sides till golden brown, and voila!  A new spin on an old favorite!  Enjoy!


Cooking is a Legacy with Miss Kitty's Catering!